Getting your first pull-up is a milestone for many. The pull-up is a great test of upper-body strength. Let EliteFit Cross-Training help you master this move if you haven’t already. This program will develop muscular endurance and create muscle-fiber recruitment for building strength where it is needed for performing strict pull-ups.


*Program designed for 5 cycles. Repeat Day 1, Day 2 & Day 3 of Rest; 5 Times consecutively.
**(use band assistance for 10 or more reps; use weight if you have 15+)
***Chin-up (reverse grip) vs. Pull-up (overhand grip)

Day 1 – Developing Muscular Endurance and Repetition Strength

Two rounds of:

  • Wide-grip pull-up MAX REPS; Rest 1 minute
  • Medium-grip pull-up MAX REPS; Rest 1 minute
  • Medium-grip chin-up MAX REPS; Rest 1 minute
  • Narrow-grip chin-up MAX REPS; Rest 1 minute

Day 2 – Time Under Tension and Motor-Unit Recruitment of Muscle Fibers

Two rounds of:

  • 3x 5 reps of chest to bar chin-up with a six-second negative; Rest 1 minute
  • 2x max-rep pull-up with five-second negative; Rest 1 minute
  • 2x chin-up max hold 30 seconds or more; Rest 1 minute

Day 3 – Rest