1. How can I get a FREE gym pass?

You can call us at EliteFit Cross-Training, email us, contact us through our website, or just come in and we will get you situated. Also, feel free to message us on Facebook or Instagram.

2. What are the terms and conditions in using the FREE PASS?

  • The Free Pass is only for 1 workout or a class.
  • You must be 16 years or over to join EliteFit Cross-Training.
  • You must have experience using weights & equipment in order to use open gym. However, for those that come in and have not experienced our classes before then, we can happily show you what it takes to get started.
  • All EliteFit Cross-Training classes can be taken at your own level but if any injuries we recommend speaking to one of our team before taking part in any class.

3. How can I purchase a membership?

You can call or email us at EliteFit Cross-Training to discuss options but we would recommend making a time to come in and see us. That way we can sit with you to discuss your overall fitness goals which will help us tailor a membership to suit individual needs.

4. What are the perks of a EliteFit Cross-Training Gym Membership?

  • No registration fee.
  • All classes are in included in a monthly rate.
  • Flexible in terms of everyone’s needs/wants in using the Gym.
  • Free goal setting session with one of our Personal Trainers.
  • You can freeze your account membership in case of illness, injury or other personal reasons.
  • We are friendly, personal and a real community.

5. Is my gym membership transferable?

Yes, it can be transferable with a reasonable fee.

6. Is my gym membership refundable? What are your terms?

Entitlement to all classes – The Membership Fees paid are for your entitlement to all classes and not for actual use. All fees remain due and payable if you are not using your membership and no refunds will be given for non-use. Membership Cancellations need a 30 day notice prior auto-renew billing cycle date.

7. How do I renew my gym membership?

Auto-renew with all accounts.

8. How do you track progress?

  • Performance tracking – Wodify Core encourages accountability and friendly competition. After every workout, members can log results and track their progress.
  • Nutritional journal – Help members achieve their health and fitness goals. Our nutrition journal reinforces healthy eating habits to fuel members during workouts.
  • Social likes & comments – Wodify Core’s social platform enables members to connect, build friendships, celebrate victories and more. Connecting with other members is a quick like or comment away.
  • Whiteboard – Go ahead and chuck your dry erase markers. Members can view each other’s results from the daily workout on the Wodify Core whiteboard.
  • Leaderboard – Your members are competitive. Take advantage of it! Wodify Core’s leaderboard displays your gym’s top three male and female performers of all time, giving members a benchmark to meet and beat when they come to workout.
  • Member app – Your clients have their own app to track workout results, book classes, check the gym’s schedule and connect with other members.
  • Groups & shared payments – Families who workout together stay together. With Wodify Core, you can transform how families share payments and manage memberships for children at your gym.
  • Coachboard – Members can sign into class, reserve their spot and view the daily workout on Wodify Core’s coachboard.
  • Wodifind – Members never have to worry about missing a workout. If one of your members is travelling, they can use Wodifind to locate gyms nearby with Wodify Core.

9. How do I know the right gym class for me?

Classes are the same workout each day, it just depends on your schedule.

10. How to be a part of your group exercise class?

You can book into any class at all. Please check with our team first though so we can reserve you a spot, we cap our class size at 10 athletes. The first class is free for new members.