Are you bored at the gym?

Are you bored at the gym? Are you tired of the same old routine? Are you still not getting the results you’re looking for? Does this sound like the start of an infomercial? If you answered yes to at least two of those questions, then maybe it’s time you joined the fastest-growing strength-and-conditioning-training trend at EliteFit […]

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Our Box Runs Wodify

Wodify is an all-in-one solution for Tracking Athlete Performance in the “Box”, this is the best, this is what we use. Class Calendar Athletes can see when you have classes scheduled, who will be coaching, and who else signed up for the class. Class Registration Athletes are able to reserve a spot in class with […]

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What is EliteFit Cross-Training?


Alamogordo’s Fitness Community What we do.   Cross-training, sometimes referred to as circuit training, refers to combining exercises of other disciplines, different than that of the athlete in training. In reference to running, cross-training is when a runner trains by doing another kind of fitness workout such as cycling, swimming, a fitness class or strength […]

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